Sunday, April 27, 2008

Count Down!!

We are all getting very excited for our visitors to come. Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, U. JJ, and Auntie Mel are coming in less than 2 weeks. We are soo excited to show them around and catch a few waves on our boogieboards (care of Jordan and Arian). We wish more of you could come :( We will try and not have too much fun in your absence.

We are thrilled that Maya has chosen to be baptized. She has had like 100 questions about anything and everything. Of course, I tried to answer them all, but if I didn't have the answer she went straight to ...Crenna and dad, of course!!

I am having a swap with some of the play group this week. I don't swap, I just get rid of, but it is here at the house and that will be the last of the things that are still in the way. It will make me so happy when it is all gone and the house will look less cluttered.

The kids will all be out of school too. They have holiday for labor day and cinco de mayo. Josh will have Friday and Monday off, so we plan on seeing some sun at the beach. Don't worry G. and G. Hatch, Nana, Papa, U. JJ, and Auntie Mel, we won't be tuckered out from all the play time at the beach, PROMISE!!!!!

My calling went much smoother today. I have sooo much more to learn, but we have the Primary running like a Primary now, so if the chorister could just get her Spanish to sound like Spanish, that would make it all the more better. Yo puedo!!!! I can!!


Melanie said...

Uncle JJ plans on living at the beach!! He is bringing his board down too and we are both so excited!

Jordan & Arian said...

Man, we so wish we could be there for the baptism. Please tell Maya that we love her. We'll be thinking happy thoughts on her special day. Make sure you take lots of pictures.
Glad to hear that primary is going a bit better. I bet you are a lot better than you think you are.
I got released from Enrichment leader and got made the Nursery Leader. Yippee... :)

Jordan & Arian said...

Ok... I keep checking to see if you have posted baptism pictures... I can't wait to hear about the weekend. :)