Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New pics of the kids

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Schools out for the Summer!!!

A few weeks ago for Activity Days we decided to make bread for the sacrament. The girls had a lot of fun making a mess and getting gooey in the dough. I was glad when it was over and glad that I don't have to make bread that often. It turned out great and they were so proud of their creation that Sunday.

And so now that school is out we have just really been enjoying the weather. June was a record nonstop sunny dry month. It really has been gorgeous weather we have been taking advantage of. My parents bought me a bike for my birthday so the kids and I have been riding alot. My folks came up for a little over a week a few weeks ago to see Crenna graduate elementary school and to see the kids. I think we all loved having them here. Andy left with them and has been enjoying one on one with Nana and Pappa, that is until we get there on the 9th of July. Anson has since learned to ride his bike without training wheels and loves that he is such a big kid now. Andy learned the same day as Anson but had been riding with the training wheels but not using them, so they came off and off he went too. One more to go, Woo Hoo! Aaron prefers riding his scooter, so it might be a while for him.

We were able to go to a Minor League baseball game the other night. It was a lot of fun. The team is called the Aquasox and their mascot is a red eye tree frog, Aaron's favorite animal. The kids got a free glove and the boys got a ball for reading a month at school. We plan on going to many more games, since they had such a blast.

We like to go to a park near our home and play tennis and throw the ball around and let the kids play on the playground. Yesterday we headed over and the boys played with their new glove and ball. Well, needless to say Anson didn't quite catch the ball one time and got a nice shiner. Pictures to prove it. We will be using a softer ball from now on.

Today after church we decided to take a drive over to Whidbey Island. One of the largest islands in the US. We drove over this really neat bridge. The kids and I decided that we wanted to walk across it so Josh drove and met us at the other side. It was a beautiful cool day and we had lots of fun seeing a new area of Washington.