Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

So a few weeks ago we went up to Steven's Pass and played in the snow. It was a good thing everyone still fits in their snow clothes. All we had to buy was gloves for everyone. We had lots of fun throwing snowballs at each other and no one actually got hurt. WaHo! The kids had a blast and it just got me excited about going snow skiing. Let's see if I can get away this winter. We had a nice Thanksgiving last week. We had some friends over for lunch/dinner. Great conversations and all the kids got along great. I'm still enjoying the leftovers with Crenna. We are now looking forward to Christmas, but before we can get all our favorite Christmas decorations out, it is time to move again. We decided that we don't like paying such a high rent, so we found a little bit cheaper home, still in the ward, schools, etc. What am I thinking mid-December and moving, right? I'm an expert, it should go quick. Cross your fingers. I am just glad it actually has a backyard. Once I get the address I will let everyone know. A few days after the move Nana and Papa are coming for Christmas. It took quite a bit of twisting of the arm, but turns out all I had to say is that Maya put them on her Christmas list and vuala, they are coming. The kids are very excited to see them. Me too! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a fun New Year. See ya next year!!!