Sunday, June 15, 2008

Count Down to Summer!!!

We are getting very excited for our much anticipated summer vacation. I keep counting down the days left of school. I think I might be a little bit more excited then the rest of the crew. The school parties have kicked into full gear. Friday they celebrated Dia del Padre. Josh went and they sang and danced and recited poems and ate, and ate, and ate. He said it turned out really nice. They are having a few other activities this week, but the kids are not going to go. Can you believe they do a camp out with all the kids?? Even the 3 yr olds. I am not sure I will get used to that school activity. They are throwing a big graduation party the following week for all the kids that are graduating Kinder. Andy will officially be in Primeria next year with all the big kids. The last week is tests and then Kinder will finish on the 27th and the girls will finish on the 30th. Hooray!!!!!!!!! It has been a very long school year, and summer will probably fly by, but we are going to live it up and enjoy it as much as we can.