Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, kids have been in school now going on 2 weeks. I am so glad we are on a good schedule. Twins one or the other sometimes both take naps after school. They get really tired after a hard day at school. We have a nice meal after school with Josh. It´s great that he comes home for an hour or so because some nights he will come home late and the kids won´t get to spend that much time with him. Maya has started gymnastics and absolutely loves it. If she can only start remembering all the other things that she needs to do in one day, my life would be a breeze. All the kids have chores this year and it takes alot off of my load. They get a little little allowance. The twins love that they get money. The boys are all saving up for a light up light saber. They don´t know but I have already bought them and they only need to save up half and then they can get them. It will only take them another month if they don´t get anymore deductions from their small allowances. So this week my big outing will be searching for costumes for a dance that all the kids are doing at school for the Mexican Independence Day. Should be fun!!! I love going down in the Centro, not really! I am very impressed though that they gave me 2 weeks to find the costumes. I might be searching for a seamstress too if I can´t find everything we need. Man mom don´t you wish you were here to help me with this one :). One exciting thing that happened to me this week was I was asked to speak in the Spanish branch sacrament. That was fun!! More nerve racking then the time I had to speak in the Spanish branch out in the States. I hope they treat me like a youth and only ask me to speak once or twice a year. I can cross my fingers, right. Not much else exciting has gone on at the Hatch house. Maybe this next week I can post some pictures of the kids in their school digs. Can´t promise anything though.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pretty Cool in Utah!!

We had lots of fun in Utah also. We had a birthday for the twins. I can´t believe they are 5. Time flys by quickly. We went swimming several times. Some at the Army Base by my parents house and a few times at the Lehi pool. The twins loved going down the waterslide they had there. We went to a really neat aquarium that had a few stingrays, sharks and even some seahorses. Aaron bought a stuffed stingray keychain and he carries it everywhere he goes. He thinks that is a pretty neat animal. We also went up to Temple Square on Traxx the train and saw the Joseph Smith movie and then went over to the Gateway where they have a really cool fountain that the kids can run through. They loved it. For the twins birthday we went over to a new little amusement park where they had bumper boats and go karts and a roller coaster. They had tons of fun. I even went on a few rides. We went camping with my parents ward up one of the canyons and the kids just had a blast. There was a fire that started down at the lower part of the canyon and we ended up being evacuated around midnight. I drove my mom´s car home and the kids just stayed asleep in the motorhome. They had no clue that they were sitting in the driveway the next morning. Kinda crazy, huh? We went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point once again. The kids can´t get enough of that place. I wasn´t so thrilled to go, but it was $2 a person and my mom had not been yet. We also went with a few of my cousins and their kids. That made all the more fun, although I think the whole state was there with us. What can I say, Utahans like a good deal. We went to a really neat candy factory with my cousins and their kids. We got to see how they make the candy and even taste test a few of them. The kids had the most fun in the candy store, I think. Man they make the best Salt Water Taffy. Our last day before we left we went to the Zoo. Aaron loved seeing this rare white alligator they had. We loved the weather and the company and we´re sad to go, but I´m sure that we stayed our welcome out. Thanks for putting up with us for so long, Nana and Papa. Can´t wait til next summer.

Visiting Grandma´s House

We had fun at Grandma´s house. We relaxed, swam, and went up the river. It was good to see all the cousins. It rained alot, but that was okay. It kept the temp. down. We went camping in Pacheco and enjoyed the rain there also. We only stayed a day it was raining so much. We thank Grandma and Grandpa for putting up with us for a few weeks. Can´t wait until we can come again.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We´re Back!!

We decided to finally come home. We got back on Wednesday the 13th around 4pm. We had lots of fun at Grandma´s house in Chihuahua. Then the few days we spent in Arizona was great too. We got to see Marcia and the kids and Grandma Mimi. Then we were off in our rent a car up to Utah. I did it in a day. We had to stop a little more often then I wanted for pee stops, but we got there in a little over 11 hours. I thought that was pretty good. We had lots of fun with Nana and Papa, but when it was time to go we were ready. School starts on Monday and it will be good to get back on a schedule. We are thankful for all our family that put up with us and can´t wait until our next trip out to bug you all again. Thanks again. We love ya!!! I will post pictures later when I have a little bit more time of all the neat stuff we did.