Friday, October 24, 2008

I´m a Bad Blogger

I hate to say it, but I am a bad blogger. I was just looking at it and it has almost been a whole month. What have we been doing for the past month? I guess that is what homeschooling will do to you. We have been sticking mostly to that and waiting for our books to arrive from San Diego. Yes, it has taken almost a full month for them to arrive. They are coming on a truck today. Yah!!!!!!!!!!!! If you ask the kids what has been the funniest part so far of homeschooling, it would probably be a few science experiments we have done. The topper was the Pop Rocket where you put alka seltzer in a 35mm film container with a little water and see it pop way up in the air. We also did a little field trip to Chileno Bay. It is a great beach to search for crabs and fish. I even got brave enough to get a little close to the fish. The kids had fun making fun of me because every time the fish got too close I would run back to shore. Ha. Ha.

Another busy happening at the Hatch house this month is that the tooth fairy has visited more then once this month. Crenna was the first to lose one of her first molars. We had to look up on the computer if you were supposed to because we were not sure about that. Sure enough ya do and since she pulled it out herself the tooth fairy gave her extra money. Then not a few days later Aaron lost his first tooth. He is still excited about it and he even has another one that is loose too. He keeps telling Anson that he is older and bigger because he lost his tooth first. Andy also lost a tooth, but I´m not sure exactly how many days after Aaron. He also had one of his front teeth come in. The other one is trying to break through too. It will be so wierd to see him with 2 front teeth, but well worth the wait. And the day I update my blog, Crenna pulls out another molar. It was actually one that she had to get capped because of a cavity. She was excited to get it out because it had been bugging her for a few weeks. I told her that she had to pay the tooth fairy for that tooth. No, not really.

The kids are all excited about Halloween next week. Crenna is going to be Hannah Montana we think, Maya is a devil, Andy is Superman, Aaron is a "Yes, sir", (an Army guy), and Anson is Spiderman. We are having a party down the street at a friends house with a haunted house and games. It should be alot of fun. I´m making my yummy sugar cookies and letting the kids decorate them, so I will be busy next week doing that. The Mexicans really don´t celebrate Halloween. They celebrate the day of the dead which is the following day.

We are excited about the holiday season being upon us and hope that anyone that wants to visit, can.