Monday, September 29, 2008



Things Change

So it has been like a whole month since I last blogged. It has been a very bad month at the Hatch home. Mom was sick and is still trying to get better. I don´t know what I got, but it knocked me out with fatigue and nausea and a really bad headache. We all say that whatever Sandra my mother in law had when she came back from watching my kids at the beginning of the year had I also got too. We both never figured out what that was. All my tests came back negative and after 3 or 4 blood drawings I was sick of that. If you all don´t know I have the worst veins in the world and to get one draw out of me is pretty good. So I have been laying around for the last month and a half. My wonderful husband has been running the house and the kids. Last week I started getting more of my appetite back and energy, just in the nick of time too. After having a few of the kids turned away at school for not having the right uniform last week and seeing that the twins are not learning anything at the school except how to play on a jungle gym Josh came to a conclusion that we were done with the whole Mexican school system. We have been talking about homeschooling since we got here, but it always felt overwhelming to me with all five, but after talking about it and looking into some of the programs that are out there, Josh pulled the kids out last week. The kids were excited to hear that they don´t have to wear uniforms anymore. So when Josh comes home he gets the kids ready for bed and gets lessons ready for them for the next day. We ordered the program for the kids and are waiting for the books to get here. I am really excited about it. They took placement tests and we realized that they are all a year behind, so we have paid a lot of money this past year and they didn´t learn a thing. The program is excellerated so I am hoping by the time we move back to the states (wish I knew when that was) they will all be up to their grade level again. The twins have an advantage and will be way ahead since they are just starting kindergarten. All keep you all posted on the whole Homeschooling thing to let you know if we are still all alive.