Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finally an update!

We have been busy, busy, busy with life! I will try and make this short and to the point. Soon after Andy's birthday we were able to go to the open house for the Vancouver, British Columbia temple. I absolutely loved it. The colors were amazing. Crenna took some really good pictures of tulips and daffodils. By the way, all pics are from Crenna. We were able to see Melissa Call, Josh's cousin and my old roommate from college, as she lives up there. We saw a few sites and then headed back. We were excited to find a Sonic on the way home since we haven't been there since Arizona.
We had a nice Easter watching General Conference and having our neighbors the Bredensteiners over for a ham dinner. It was very yummy! The kids enjoyed coloring eggs the day before under the supervision of Crenna. Thanks, hon.
This weekend we were able to get away for a much needed getaway since Monday is our anniversary. We took the kids over to a timeshare in the Olympic Peninsula. The kids were excited to go on another ferry and I was just glad to have some r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n. I think everyone had a blast. We loved the place where we stayed and would love to go back. We drove to Forks so that I can say I have been. We also went out to La Push since we love the beach. The kids plus Josh really enjoyed it there, picking up rocks, shells, and starfish. We went through the mtns on the way back to our timeshare where we drove by a beautiul lake and in the only rain forest in the United States. It was really neat. On the way back on the ferry today we were able to see a pirate's ship in the bay. The kids thought that was really neat.
Now tommorrow is back to the grind. School is winding down. The kids will be getting out of school in June and it can't come any sooner. We look forward to our family vacation to Mexico and Utah this summer. We hope everyone has a wonderful cool summer.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Blog Update/Andy's Baptism!!

So I am not good at keeping up with this whole blog thing. It has been almost a whole month and I have not posted anything about Andy's baptism and that the tooth fairy has been overly busy this past month. Let's start before Andy's baptism.

We headed down to downtown Seattle to get a closer look at the space needle and go get some yummy food down at Pike's Market. We love that place. We don't go hardly often enough. We tried fresh churds, Yummy!! and I bought some really pretty tulips. Can you say I love Spring and it could not come fast enough. The boys also had to play with a crab. Boy, did the owner get a little upset when Anson thought it would be cool to pick it up. Soo, we moved on. We bought our yummy doughnuts that have a line around the corner on Saturday, but are worth the wait. We also tried the best apples ever and even found out they came from the state, what, not Mexico. We were shocked. They are called Honeycrisps and they are do die for. We ended the day in a latino market where the kids had to have those chocolate marshmellows on a stick, sorry, the name isn't coming to mind. It was a good day!!

Andy was baptized on his birthday, the 6th. My folks flew in on the Thursday before and stayed the weekend. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming. We had fun!! Andy was so excited to get new scriptures, bag, and pin. He wanted to go to the buffet place after, since he thought it was so cool that we could eat whatever we wanted and all the ice cream you wanted too. Yes, we have hit the eat, eat, and eat, stage with that boy. It was a special day and I hope he remembers it always. He is very fond of his Dad and was glad that he could have his Dad baptize him.

Ok. so the twins are loosing teeth all over the place. They went to the dentist and now all the teeth are falling out. I know it isn't their fault. Anson now has holes on top and two holes on the bottom. He is trying for more, but I think that is going to be it for a while. I hope. Aaron has decided to follow suit and play catch up. He has a hole on top and two on the bottom as well. He is working on the other on top. Needless, to say, the tooth fairy has been hard at work.

We have also been enjoying some wonderful weather. It has been sunny and in the 50s, which is cold for most of you in Arizona, but that is almost perfect weather here. I know we are babies now. We will probably melt when we go south for the summer. Good thing for a/c. We managed to get outside this weekend and clean up the yard a little. Can I say it is nice to have kids that are old enough to do some of the weeding!!! I guess that means I am getting old or I really don't enjoy that job. Andy and Maya did a great job helping out. We planted some tulips in the back and are hoping it doesn't decide to freeze anytime soon. Cross your fingers.

We continue to keep busy with school, work, and kids. I have added Cub Scouts to my list of things to do. Andy is going strong trying to get his Wolf already. We have to remind him to slow down. I wish I could tell myself that somedays. Well, I guess that is it for now. Can't promise I will blog before another month, we shall see.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Baby Isn't A Baby Anymore!

You would think after almost 7 years you would realize you can't hold your baby in your lap like a baby. I look at him now and realize he really isn't a baby anymore. I feel a little sad. But he is so excited that his tooth finally came out. Now he is working on the other one that is loose too. Aaron is trying to catch up. His 2 front teeth are loose too and he has one on the bottom trying to come out. We will keep you posted. They both might be asking Santa this year for 2 front teeth.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. The year went out with a bang at our house. Everyone except Anson stayed up until midnight at our house. We had lots of fun having a Wii marathon. We got Toymania from J and Melanie for Christmas and we just love it!!! Thanks guys! We also snacked of course and some of us played Monopoly Deal. That is a really fun game. I would say that because I won twice and I beat Josh in Monopoly, which never happens. We have enjoyed being way busy over the Christmas vacation. We moved to a house with a yard in the back just about a mile away from our old house about a week before Christmas. I don't know what I was on, but I got the whole house done and with the help of Crenna, lights out front in 2days. Yes, 2 days. We were able to enjoy Christmas with my parents who came in on the 23rd. We had pizza on Christmas Eve, family tradition and the kids opened up their Christmas Eve gifts from Nana and Papa. Thanks for doing the drive for us guys. We had lots of fun, even though we didn't do much but sit around. And pretty much since Christmas that is what we have been doing, sitting around playing on the Wii. The kids have enjoyed it, but school starts back Monday and the Wii will start to collect dust once again. Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing holiday season. Miss ya all.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

So a few weeks ago we went up to Steven's Pass and played in the snow. It was a good thing everyone still fits in their snow clothes. All we had to buy was gloves for everyone. We had lots of fun throwing snowballs at each other and no one actually got hurt. WaHo! The kids had a blast and it just got me excited about going snow skiing. Let's see if I can get away this winter. We had a nice Thanksgiving last week. We had some friends over for lunch/dinner. Great conversations and all the kids got along great. I'm still enjoying the leftovers with Crenna. We are now looking forward to Christmas, but before we can get all our favorite Christmas decorations out, it is time to move again. We decided that we don't like paying such a high rent, so we found a little bit cheaper home, still in the ward, schools, etc. What am I thinking mid-December and moving, right? I'm an expert, it should go quick. Cross your fingers. I am just glad it actually has a backyard. Once I get the address I will let everyone know. A few days after the move Nana and Papa are coming for Christmas. It took quite a bit of twisting of the arm, but turns out all I had to say is that Maya put them on her Christmas list and vuala, they are coming. The kids are very excited to see them. Me too! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a fun New Year. See ya next year!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Playin' CatchUp

Everyone has been bugging me to update my blog, but it has been on the back burner since I started school at the end of August. We are still alive though and loving Washington State.

Before school started we went to Utah and went to Thanksgiving Point to see the animals. We had tons of fun tubing up at Jordanelle up past Park City. And swimming at South Jordan pool. We love our trips to Utah to see Nana and Papa.

We also were excited to see Grandma and Grandpa here at home. They came and stayed for week and had a productive tourist trip. I think they liked it, just a little!

The kids started school back on Crenna's birthday. She had a little party with some of her friends from church and school here at the house. We made homemade pizza and they made friendship bracelets. I think they all enjoyed themselves.

We went up to Deception Pass one Saturday to get out of the house. We took a picnic and went down by the shore where lots of people were salmon fishing. We tried to not scare the fish, but if you know us, we are not very quiet. But man you should of seen some of those fish.

My parents came up in October for a week to see the kids. We had a fun time. We took them to a carnival at school. I took them downtown to Pikes Market and down to the Locks in Ballard. I think they had a fun time hangin out with the kiddos.

We have been enjoying the fall colors, since we haven't really experienced seasons that much. It is sad to see that a lot of the trees are starting to get naked. The inevitable is coming. Hopefully it will be a calm winter and won't snow too much.

Saturday was Halloween and we went to our church trunk or treat. It rained so we didn't stay too long. We stayed home and the kids watched Casper, I took a nap, and the kids had fun passing out candy.

Next week is our Primary program and it will be great when it is all over. I am sure that all the kids will do a great job. Crenna is one of the narrators. This will be her last program. Can you believe that?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Fun!!!

This is the first time that we have actually had a full summer and we still have another month before school gets back into session. We have tried to keep busy with different activities. At the end of June Andy went back to Utah with my parents and had some one on one with Nana and Papa. The other kids and I took some opportunities to try a few new places out. We went out to a man-made island in Everett where we enjoyed the sun and sand. We also checked out a really cool children's museum in Everett too. The kids had a blast!!! For the 4th of July we just hung out. The kids got a little wet in the backyard. On the 9th we all headed out to Utah to spend some time with my folks. We were also able to go to a little day reunion up in Layton with Josh's family. The kids had a blast and it was great to see everyone. While we were hanging out in Utah, the kids swam, played with the next door neighbor girl, and participated in the children's parade. The kids had fun watching themselves on the TV after we got back. We came back and have had an adjusting July. The twins just celebrated their 6th birthday this past week. I took them to pick out a gift, we went to IHOP for dinner, and then over to the movies in the park. We were excited it wasn't a hot night. Friday we went up to a church owned ranch and stayed the night. They had a really neat waterslide that we couldn't get the boys off of. We had so much fun we have planned to go back at the end of August when Josh's parents come to visit. And we can't wait for them to come on the 19th.