Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Expedition!

We haven't done much lately, just the same old same old. We have been enjoying the sunny weather and warmer temperatures. Well, not 80 degrees, but pleasant 65-70. In my opinion perfect temps. The kids have been riding their bikes and playing outside with neighborhood friends.

This weekend we were hoping for sunny weather, but it decided to drizzle. Around here that doesn't stop anyone though. We had thought to go back to the tulip festival, but I was not up to the drive, so I had heard of a really nice beach with a lighthouse and playground just west of where we live. We got our umbrellas and took off. We checked the lighthouse off and got a map of all the lighthouses in the area. I think that will be our new expedition we can do on the weekends or this summer. Love free things. After we took our picture we went over to the playground so the kids could get some energy out and I checked out the water to see if I could see any starfishes. There is supposed to be a tidepool with them, but I think the tide was high because we couldn't find the pool. Maybe next time. It had pits to have fires, so I think we will go back and have a little fun with smores and a bbq. I'm loving that there is more than 2 things to do up here compared to the few same things in Mexico.

We wish all the mothers and the mothers to be a Happy Mothers Day on the 10th and a big Happy Birthday to Maya on Saturday who is turning 9. Love ya honey!!!