Friday, February 20, 2009

Crenna's new doo!

After looking at Crenna's bad haircut that she got down in Cabo, we decided to see my great hairdresser in Utah to help us out. See if she did a good job. She looks so grown up now.


Stebinger Family said...

I must say that is quite and improvement! Cute hair cut! Where are you in Utah??? We should get together for a visit. Have I sent you an invite to my blog? (It's private.) Shoot me a quick email to and I'll send you one. (It has to be the email you use for your google/blogger account). Fun to keep in touch!

P.S. After that scare at the beach..I'm glad to hear you still have all of your children. Don't tell my kids but I'm secretly terrified of the ocean...the power of it scares me, but mostly the SHARKS! I know I'm a dork!

The Crandell Crew said...

How fun that you found our blog! I loved seeing your vaction pics! Wow! Maya is getting so big! Tell her we said Hello!