Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stay Out of the Water!

So today we decided to take the kids up to San Pedrito for a last romp to the beach. We got up there and we're really excited to get in the water. The older kids went out on their boogieboards and caught a few waves in and then Anson stayed back and caught a few ones near the shore. After all the rains we had the beach and the floor bottom of the ocean had changed. We didn't take what happened next into consideration. Anson had just gone back to shore when I looked out and noticed all the other kids were way out and by the rocks with Josh. It got really scary.
Aaron was fighting his way back to shore so I swam as fast as I could to get him. He was getting knocked by every wave that came by. Josh was trying to hold on to the other kids. I thought we were going to lose one of them today. Crenna and Maya made it to the rocks, but got quite banged up in the process. Josh and I were pretty exhausted after all of the commotion. We packed up and got the heck out of there. Andy says he won't go in the ocean again and that we should just stick to the swimming pools. I hope they are not traumatized for the rest of their lives. We are just so grateful that no one was seriously hurt and that we have a knowledge that we can be together forever. It sure does make me appreciate my kids more. I won't take them for granted anymore.
On a good note. We got home and washed up and took the kids for a last time at Hard Rock Cafe. We had fun and Aaron and Anson had to look at all the cool instruments. Crenna also lost another tooth. One of her fangs. She was glad to get it out. But there is a big hole there now. We will be heading up to Utah on Tuesday so the next few days will be busy. It will be a long drive, but the kids are getting really excited. Yeah!!!


Melanie said...

I am glad that you were all okay! That is scary..have a safe drive to Utah! AND we will see you when you get here!

Manda said...

Craziness!!! I am glad all is okay and that you are safe in Utah now=) Sorry it took so long to check your blog. We have just been busy getting everything put away and caught up. Promise I will check more often!!!!love you guys